Dr. Yogita K Adlakha,

INSPIRE faculty fellow develops human-based models to study neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism

September 15, 2021
The Scitech

Dr. Yogita K Adlakha, an Inspire Faculty Fellow, has developed human-based models to study neuron development and neurodevelopmental disorder such as autism which can help design treatment strategies for such brain disorders.

Since decades, animal models have been used to understand brain-related disorders, and the drugs which function in animal models have failed in clinical trials. The dearth of human models has led to lack of knowledge of the pathophysiology of such disorders, an essential requirement for designing their treatment strategies. Therefore, Dr. Yogita K Adlakha filled this gap by generating human-based stem cell model to understand brain development and dysfunction at the National Brain Research Centre, Manesar, Haryana. Currently, she works as a Scientist at Translational Health Science and Technology Institute, NCR biocluster, Faridabad