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Guidelines to Authors


The Scitech Journal is a multi disciplinary monthly publication in print dedicated to science, technology and innovation. The journal publishes articles on recent scientific discoveries, technological innovations and overviews on ongoing research worldwide. The objective of the publication is to provide information to update the reader’s knowledge on various fields of science and technology outside their area of expertise. The journal presents the information through formats such as features, overviews, opinion, reports news etc.

Editorial Contributions

The Scitech Journal invites articles from researchers, engineers, technologists, academicians and experts. The topics of the article shall be about recent discoveries, innovative technologies based on the already published research papers in peer reviewed journal and experience in the related engineering , technical field.

The article in any format shall be clear and concise along with figures, tables, charts etc but without heavy equations and jargons as the intended readers may not be an expert in the topics

The preferable length of the article shall be 2500-3000 words.

Authors wish to contribute articles are requested to contact the Editor:



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