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Current Issue - October 2019
Smart cities could give the visually impaired a new outlook on urban life
Feature Article
Using citizen’s data to improve government services while preserving privacy
Feature Article
Glimpsing into the future of AI
Research Highlights
Ultrasound reveals gene expression in the body
Research Highlights
“Blackest black” material to date
Research Highlights
Shape-shifting robot built from 'Smarticles'
Research Highlights
SWIFT (Sacrificial Writing Into Functional Tissue): New way to build organs
Research Highlights
How human-infecting viruses work
Research Highlights
Genetic targeting gives cancer therapy a better shot at success
Research Highlights
Virus may jump species through 'rock-and-roll' motion with receptors
Research Highlights
New approach to Alzheimer's research addresses environmental risks
Research Highlights
Personalised cancer treatment
Research Highlights
Colour-change urine test for cancer shows potential in mouse study
Research Highlights
A computational model of the bladder
Research Highlights
Uncovering the hidden “noise” that can kill qubits
Research Highlights
One giant leap for quantum computers
Research Highlights
Robotic Fish 'Tunabot'

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