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The SciTech Journal is a multi disciplinary monthly publication in print and digital format dedicated to science, technology and innovation, aims to promote communication and interaction among, scientists, engineers and public. The mission is to spread awareness on scientific and technological advancements and achievements by publishing about the latest scientific discoveries and technological innovations.

The objective of the journal is to enhance the knowledge of the readers on various disciplines of science and technology outside their area of expertise and to create a scientific spirit and help to keep updated on the current developments.  

Current Issue - August 2019
Feature Article
India Shifts to New Metric Units defined by Constants- Kilogram Redefined
Nine-year-old awarded for inventing 'Smart Stick' for the blind
Research Highlights
Noninvasive hydration sensor
Research Highlights
New material could make it easier to remove colon polyps
Research Highlights
Optimized gene-editing system halts hearing loss in mice with hereditary deafness

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